Between April 22 & 23 we will be showing 15 bands on our newly redesigned stage. There will be DJs in between bands on both days to keep the good times going. Check below to find which bands are playing each day and a small bio for each group!

Saturday, April 22


Ryan A Roth is an old soul caught in a young man’s body breaking free thru music, vintage blended with today, a unique unforgettable sound. In the age of technology... Ryan still prefers staying in the roots of music, "there’s something to be said for being in a room and feeding off of one another, feeling the energy of the music not just playing it." Ryan started out as a solo musician playing guitar, suitcase kick drum, tambourine, and singing, but it wasn't long before that train started having others jump on for the ride.
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Minglewood Labor Camp is a band from Northwest Ohio that specializes in Dustbowl Punk and Country Blues



The Buzz Anderson Project brings you an eclectic mix of Rock, Soul, and Blues blended with Fusion and R&B. Guaranteed to feed your soul!
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The Casket Company recorded their freshman LP “Fever” with Jordan DiSorbo (Before Their Eyes) at Glass Arrow Audio studios in the summer of 2015. “Fever” takes you on an emotional roller coaster through a plethora of emotions and sounds. Their radio hits “Or, Life In The Woods” and “Fever” gained major praise by new and old listeners alike, and it only scratched the surface when it comes to The Casket Company.
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Founded by Johnny K AllDay in 2011, Kommunity Service is a unique live experience. Each show combines different musicians and artists from your favorite local, regional, and national bands into one group, for an awesome live performance. Usually performing with no rehearsal, the evenings performance brings each individual artist's take on covers and original music, bringing a rare experience for the concert goer for every performance.


The Macpodz. We like lunch, but we loves a buffet. The Macpodz have discovered that the chicken dance is actually the jig of a duck. No chicken I've ever seen shakes its ass like that. The Macpodz spell their name with a Z, and no capital P. The Macpodz quote Lou Reed, "She started dancin' to that fine fine music, you know her life was saved by rock n roll."
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Sunday, April 23


"My name is Mike. Welcome to my musical world. As you may notice upon listening, I do what I want. I don't stick to the 'plan'... You may like some, all, or none of this music, and that is fine with me."

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Matthew Meyers Endorses: Michael Tobias, Bartolini, GHS, and Ricktron

Jared Lees is a soloist and bandleader with a distinctive approach to the bass guitar.  His music comes from a love of jazz blended with soulful cinematic elements. “Jared lays out the soundscapes, which create a strong emotional connection for the listener… His use of tone is a compositional tool that is used with sensitivity and creativity…  His fretless playing is superb!” says Bass Musician Magazine. Jared Lees Endorses: Prat Basses, Kalium Strings, Schroeder Bass Cabinets, and Guardian Pro Cables
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Aaron Gibson presents an interesting blend of singer/songwriter and solo bassist. Once described as “Jack Johnson playing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers,” the Oregon-based low-ender comps for himself while playing impressive original tunes as well as covers. Aaron scores solo gigs by covering the bass line, harmony, melody, and vocals all on his own.
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Jonathan Moody wears a lot of bowties in the music industry, literally and figuratively. As a sideman, Jon is a chameleon, blending his signature voice on the bass to whatever style or group he is playing in. His musical resume boasts a large number of studio sessions, over 100 musical theatre productions, and a vast amount of gigs in genres ranging from rock to folk. As of 2016 Jon became a solo artist with the release of “Music for our Hands.”
Jon Moody Endorses: Creation Audio Labs, GHS Strings, Gruv Gear, NS Design, Pigtronix Pedals, Tsunami Cables, and Wilcox Guitars.
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Open Jam



All performers & audience members welcome!

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