The Bier Stube Welcomes You….
From the time we open at 11:00am
until the time you stumble out the door at 2:30am

About Bier Stube Bar & Grill

The name Bier Stube is German for “small house of beer.” The Bier Stube was founded in 1965 on Laskey just West of Secor with the hopes to sell the best draft in town. They soon came to the conclusion that they also had to offer bottled beer and mixed drinks. At one time there were four locations in town. One in East Toledo, one in South Toledo and one on Dorr St. near the University of Toledo, or at that time T.U. and of course Laskey. The Laskey Stube relocated to Monroe Street and Nantucket in 1990 to present and continues to serve great drafts along with bottled and mixed drinks.

Over 60 beers on tap

Our beers are on rotation. The more popular the draft the longer it stays on our lines. If there’s a beer you don’t want we take it off.

Let us know which beers you would like to have on draft at The Bier Stube


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Forms of Payment Accepted

Credit Cards Accepted at Bier Stube

We do not accept Diner’s Club, American Express and any form of foreign currency.

ATM on-site

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